Wednesday, 9 October 2013


I am feeling good today because I have exceeded my step target on my new Fitbit Flex every day this week.  It is making me go out and walk more than I would and the little graphs really appeal to my geeky side (which is much bigger than that makes it sound).  I am sure that my dodgy knee is feeling stronger and more stable, too.

On top of that, I seem to be having a storming time at work.  I am (temporarily) on top of everything and have driven my boss to be complimentary.  This is almost impossible, as she is a perfectionist (to say the least) and not my biggest fan anyway.  It's great!

I watched the daughter play hockey earlier.  Her team won, and she looked all proficient!  She has been warned to watch her teeth as she has a brace following an operation on a rogue canine which hid itself in her face.  The brace is due to come off (finally) next month and I really don't want her teeth knocked out right now - not that there is a good time to lose teeth... So all in all a good match - a win and a full set of teeth!

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