Saturday, 5 October 2013

Especially for E...

So, the niece, E, has been nagging me about my frankly poor performance in terms of writing here.  She's right, of course, which makes it all the more annoying...
A quick round up and explanation then.  I went back to work at the beginning of September and it has been really, really busy - however, it's when under that sort of stress that I ought to post MORE religiously if the aim is to help me focus on the positive.  I will make an effort to do better!

E and her partner, A, finished their epic walk around Wales last Sunday, and I had a lovely day walking about 7 miles of the last leg with them and a group of friends and family.  The sun shone, the views were beautiful and some friends who hadn't walked brought a stove to an access point along the way and made us real coffee.  It was great!  I left E and A then to finish their walk, but met them at the end point with some fizz to celebrate.

Last night, we had a lovely meal to celebrate again (we love a good celebrate, we do) and the atmosphere was great there, too.  IT was in a tiny little beach café affair, lit by candles and with a large fire bowl outside the open doors to keep the evening chill out.  The food was pretty awesome too, and I had a bit of a moment watching the daughter share the wine and chat like a real adult person.  I built her from scratch, I did!

I had taken delivery yesterday of a Fitbit -  a sort of sexed-up pedometer you wear on your wrist which syncs with your computer by magic and gives you lots of geeky stats, so I've had a nice time playing with that today.  I set myself a step target of 8000 to begin with as my knee is playing up.  The walk to pick up the car from last night's meal venue got me off to a good start, and I have completed todays steps.  I am going to build it up to the recommended 10000 then see how that feels.  Walking has been great for my physical and mental health in the past, so this feels a very positive step, if you'll pardon the (slightly rubbish and unintended) pun.  It will also track the quality of your sleep, so that could be revealing...

Right, that'll do for now.  I'll try to be a better blogger in future!

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