Saturday, 27 July 2013

Friends and haircuts

Two things made me happy today.  First, I had a hair appointment.  I had decided to go a bit blonder (hides the grey better!) so I had a long discussion with my hairdresser about how best to go about this on my very short hair.  I have been going to the same hairdresser for years, and I have a history of wanting quite drastic changes and of being happy to let her decide what is best.  She still felt the need to ask whether I would be shocked if it was a lot blonder.  That's what I want!  Actually, it has turned out not as blonde as I envisaged - I still like it though.  I seem to be easily bored by my hair and like a change, so I am pleased about the new colour.

After I had had my hair done, I met a friend and colleague for coffee.  She has not been well and has been off work for a couple of months.  Today she seemed much better, and her voice, which has been missing for most of her illness had almost returned.  We spent an hour or so drinking coffee and catching up.  It is hard to beat meeting good friends as a way to raise your spirits!

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